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Valentines Plush Picture Frames Russ Berrie Bestever Stuffed Valentine's
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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day plush animals and figures for all your loved ones. Made by Russ Berrie Gund and Bestever these quality stuffed animals are great presents for those you love or just a little something for yourself. Send something special to that someone special this Valentine's day from HippyGift.

Paw Pens Love Letters Chamois Valentine's
Valentine's Paw Pens

Toads  and Dogs Plush Valentine's Day by Russ Berrie
Dogs and Frogs Kissing Suffed Animals

Maddy The Elephant by Gund
Maddy Valentine Elephant by Gund

Price: $15.95 Sale price: $9.95

60's Retro Orange Fleece ClockChinese Carry-Out Novelty LampErnie the Elephant Night Time Pal
60's Retro Orange Fleece Clock
Chinese Carry-Out Novelty Lamp
Ernie the Elephant Night Time Pal
Price: $14.95Price: $17.95On Sale Now!
Price: $13.26

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