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Novelty Lighting
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Novelty Lighting
Novelty & Contemporary Lighting made by LumiSource, Haggarty, Lyon Lighting, Continental Homes includes items such as the Electra Lamps, the Martini Lamp, Adam and Eve Lamps, Lava Lamps, the Chute Lamp, Blacklights, and more.

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Nessie Huggable Bendable Furry Desk Table Lamps by LumiSource
Nessie Huggable Bendable Desk Lamps

Novelty Lighting-Lumisource, Lyon Lighting, Nuevo, Continental Homes
Novelty Lighting

Fun and Funky Party Lights by LumiSource
Party Lights


Flamingo Lamps
Flamingo Lamps

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HippyGift searches for unique and quality contemporary lighting, stuffed animals, contemporary furniture, and other unique gift ideas, to bring our customers the best products at very reasonable prices. We carry and support brand names such as LumiSource novelty lights and modern furniture, Funny Friends stuffed animals and plush toys,  Russ Berrie's Fluttering Friends

Girl Powrrr soft toys, Woodstock Percussion’s kid’s guitars and drums, Fascinations executive toys such as the Levitron and XP3 clock, Haggerty Enterprises Lava Lamps, Carman’s Candles scented candles and votives, Benza modern clocks, and contemporary furniture from LumiSource and Blu Dot Furniture. Our most popular product lines include novelty lighting, contemporary floor lamps, and executive gifts. The novelty lighting section includes black lights, Lava Lamps, Martini Lamp and you can get a lava lamp in three different styles. The contemporary lighting section includes Italian Lighting and the very popular Medusa Lamps, which includes the Medusa Floor Lamp, Medusa Table Lamp, and Medusa Ceiling Lamp.  If all of this still is not enough, you may visit the following sites on criminal defense attorney , Oklahoma bankruptcy , and experienced lawyer or see our links.

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