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Lava Lamps Genuine

Lava Lamps
The lava lamps shown are the original genuine Lava Brand Motion Lamp at the best prices. Known to many as a cultural icon, the LAVA� brand motion lamp has melted a permanent place in our hearts for 35 years. Edward Craven Walker first created the hypnotic prototype in 1963. Two years later, the rights to the "Astro Lamp" were purchased by two far-out Americans who brought it back to the States and marketed it as the LAVA� brand motion lamp. To this day, Haggerty Enterprises, Inc. is the only manufacturer of the LAVA� brand motion lamp. HippyGift.com has a great selection of the lava lamps at the best prices guaranteed! The lava lamp is the original novelty lighting lamp.

Red Glitter Mini Lava Lamp by Haggarty
Red Glitter Lava Lite

Giant Lava Grande Blue Glitter Lamp
Huge Blue Glitter Lamp


Striped Purple Flower Jewelry Box by Happy HouseStuffed Beaver With Starfish Plush Animal ToyStuffed Turtle/Tortoise Animal Plush Toy
Striped Purple Flower Jewelry Box by Happy House
Stuffed Beaver With Starfish Plush Animal Toy
Stuffed Turtle/Tortoise Animal Plush Toy
Price: $9.56Price: $11.95Price: $10.00

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