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Element Touch Lamp
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Element Touch Lamp
NOW 3 times BRIGHTER!!! Cool and curvaceous chrome! The Element Touch Lamp is both sleek and stylish. Simply touch the surface to activate the super-bright 3W LED light. Perfect for home or office.

Product ID: AD-ELEMENT 3W Product Size: 3 L x 13 W x 13 H (in.) Product Weight: 3 lbs.

Element Touch Lamp

Itemno: AD-ELEMENT 3W$84.00

Element Touch LampFlower Picture Frames by Russ BerrieFunny Face Monkey Photo Frame
Element Touch Lamp
Flower Picture Frames by Russ Berrie
Funny Face Monkey Photo Frame
Price: $84.00On Sale Now!
Price: $4.99
On Sale Now!
Price: $4.99

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