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Catfish Fish Tank Aquarium
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Catfish Fish Tank
Novel and fun fresh water aquarium fish tank with a bit of attitude for a unique look. Great for a kid's aquarium or a family or desktop fish take. The Catfish fish tank comes with two floating plastic fish, but the tank also designed to house real freshwater fish. Colorful, Exciting, Fun, Safe, and easy to clean fish tank aquarium.

This tank comes fully equipped with two cats and a little castle. Sure to keep your fish on guard. 1.6 Gallon/6 Liters.

Catfish Fish Tank Aquarium

Itemno: FS32010

Catfish Fish Tank AquariumChic Modern Tempered-Glass Stella Bar Table by LumiSourceClassy Silver Adjustable Gelato Bar Table by LumiSource
Catfish Fish Tank Aquarium
Chic Modern Tempered-Glass Stella Bar Table by LumiSource
Classy Silver Adjustable Gelato Bar Table by LumiSource
Price: $24.95Price: $183.50Price: $189.50

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